Leadership, Transformation and Change

Consulting, coaching and change management services

CxO Interim Management Group

Interim Management

The knowledge and experience of CIMG is mostly requested at times of structural change in a business (e.g. outsourcing of activities), cultural changes of teams or departments, temporary replacement of management, as well as to identify and where possible develop new business opportunities within the technology sector.

Our managers have been in a CxO position before, whilst being employed in larger firms in the past (CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, COO, etc.). They have provided extensive contributions to business improvement of their respective teams and their knowledge and experience has been the decisive factor in creating success for the company.

The functional areas where CIMG is active are mainly:

  • IT and Technology (CTO, CIO roles)

  • Product Management (Program director, Director Product Management)

  • Operational Management (COO, Director Customer Services)

  • General Management within technology companies (CEO, General Manager)


CIMG is often asked to provide support for outsourcing activities, technical audits, conflict mediation, crisis-management on projects, and to implement project portfolio-management. Our different managers can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Digital Transformation

  • Business Technology Management

  • Product Management

  • Outsourcing Specialist

  • Contract Negotiators

  • Strategy Consultants

Finally we also discern some professionals with specific technically oriented knowledge and skills:

  • Information Managers

  • Business Intelligence experts

  • IT Architects

Executive Coaching

We are also offering to support you in your activity as a leader, from a more personal development and effectiveness perspective . Based on the concept of transactional analysis (TA) we help to develop your potential.

You will be able to cope with difficult professional and personal situations and sharpen your sensitivity in dealing with others.

You want to boost your profile and need support? You want to improve your leadership? You have to solve internal or external conflict and do not know exactly how to deal with it?

As a mediator, we support you in case of negotiations and conflicts within the company, with partners, customers and suppliers.

"Our job is like constantly juggling 3 balls in the air whilst making strategic changes happen"